Things are officially rolling at the Apothecary Candle Co.! So, here's the story...

 What started out as a hobby quickly turned into an obsession to create the most unique and perfectly paired scents. This soy candle line was inspired by a random road trip and a last-minute stop to a Midwest candle making shop where, immediately upon entering, all five senses were on overload. Everything was so clean and pretty, the fragrances were indescribably fresh, and you could practically TASTE the scents wafting through the shop.

A need for the extraordinary and an innate sense of adventure helped to inspire and develop an all-natural soy candle line that is hand-poured in-house. We love curiosity and creativeness so we tend to explore the most peculiar scent combinations. Lead-free and clean burning provides the safest and most fragrant scents possible and that's just how we like it. 

We prefer the best so you get the best from us.